V & B, beer and wine cellar and bar, Avenue du General de Gaulle

The V & B is a mix of bar and off licence specialising in fine wires, specialist beers and a large range of whiskies and spirits.

During the day it is a shop and then for a couple of hours in the evening it opens as a bar as well.

V & B is taking off around France and one of their cave/bars has just opened in Bergerac.


Inside the wine/beer cellar has an excellent selection, particularly of beers which up until now have not been very well catered for in France. With a good selection of British beers as well as Irish, Belgium, German and others there are plenty to sample and discover.

A good range of wines, whiskies and spirits are also available. All told there are 350 different wines and beers and 200 different whiskies and spirits.

At Bergerac the staff are all very friendly and helpful making it a pleasure to shop here.

The bar opens at 6pm until 7-30pm catering for customers wanting a drink after work or after shopping (or indeed before heading for the bars or restaurants in central Bergerac). The ambience is great, very friendly and almost offering a British pub feel.




The V&B is on the Avenue du Generale de Gaule near to M Bricolage and the large Leclerc on the edge of Bergerac. It does mean you do need a car to get there.


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