Euskadi Restaurant

The Euskadi restaurant is situated on the pretty Rue de l'Ancien Pont.

Euskadi restaurant

The restaurant specialises in Basque food and decoration of the pleasant stone interior is largely a reflection of its Basque theme.

Whilst not one of the cheaper restaurants in Bergerac the food is of a good quality and the staff are very friendly and welcoming.

Being Basque there is a lot of seafood on the menu and whilst in the evening there are plenty of other choices if you choose the midday menu the selection is from 3 choices and if seafood is not your thing it is worth checking the choices before entering. I once had a choice of squid or paella neither of which I'm particularly fond of and this left me with a mixed grill which I would not normally choose.

Having said that one evening I had Magret de Canard with a Foie Gras sauce and it is one of the best main courses I have had in Bergerac - delicious!

In the summer it has a nice terrace for sitting outside.

The Euskadi restaurant is open every day in summer and in winter closed Sunday night, all day Monday, and Tuesday night.

The Euskadi is in the medieval centre of Bergerac and close to the river and so you can enjoy a walk around the medieval streets or along the river front after dinner.

Tel: 09 81 300 230 / 06 64 67 25 42

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